1  Holster -  Concealed Carry Holster
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The most discreet and secure concealed carry system for any type of clothing from shorts to business attire.


  • Adjustabel strap with quick release buckle, NO elastic or velcro
  • Closed cell rubber layer – provides comfort, protects trigger, and provides more consistent draw
  • Invisible seam, nothing for gun to snag or catch

 Custom manufactured for your firearm. Please provide Make & Model of your firearm as well as Measurement A & B as described in images. Highly recommended to use sub compact mondern striker fire pistols or hammerless revolvers with this holster system.


The manufacturer and sellers of this holster assume no liability or responsibility for your use or misuse of this holster or any firearm. You are responsible to always use safe firearm practices at all times. Additionally, it is your responsibility to learn and follow all applicable firearm laws in your area. You are responsible to follow all safe and lawful firearm practices and to receive proper training in firearm use. The manufacturer assumes no liability or responsibility for you or your safety.

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  • Item #: MCCH2

1 Holster - Concealed Carry Holster

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